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Google generates more than 70 billion of revenue through advertisements. This number indicates that not only millions of people worldwide use Google AdWords for advertisements, but it is also a very useful marketing too. However, AdWords cannot be the best choice for small businesses. If nobody or very few people are searching for your products/services on Google. It will not only be costly for the business, but your Google rankings will tremendously reduce. You can check the number of people searching for your products using related keywords by use of Google’s keyword research tool. Considering the advantages that come with using Google AdWords. Here are some of the reasons why you should implement the tool in your marketing strategies.



Location marketing

As much as timing is essential, it may not be useful if people in your target group do not access your adverts. With Google AdWords, you also able to target a specific geographic location to ensure that your adverts are seen within your targeted location. Local businesses are also able to select the distance by radius where most customer come from.

For instance, if you are a clinical doctor, and you notice that most people who visit your clinic live within a distance of 20 miles in radius. The best marketing strategy should be able to reach people living within the radius. Therefore, your marketing strategies should be specifically directed to people who frequently visit your clinic.



Direct marketing

There are quite a number of business operating online, and this includes coming up with a product website. In this case, you need to work hard for you to get more traffic to the site. Among the most effective ways to generate this traffic is by Google AdWords advertising. The tool has proved to be very effective in direct marketing to guarantee your business a high level of consistency.



Display marketing campaign

Of all the traffic generated by AdWords Google display network, 20% of the traffic is accounted by Google display network. Besides, more than 90% of internet users will receive the advert. With this network expanding in future, the figure is also believed to increase. It is therefore important for business people to know the power of display advertising for their advertisement to reach relevant internet audience. Google network also accounts for more than 90% of internet users, and this is one of the biggest reasons why you should consider advertising on the platform. Nevertheless, it is not only the wide network coverage that makes it attractive. Using Google will also help you target users in several ways, making it one of the greatest advertising platforms. Among the display adverts, you can use to market a business includes image ads, video ads, and rich media ads.



Call only marketing campaigns

Not all businesses require traffic to their website. If for instance you are driving home and using Google to find a relaxing place for dinner, you obviously would not want to pull over and book a reservation. The immediate thing you can do giving the business call. Likewise, when you are holiday shopping for a specific gift, you won’t be interested to check online if the gift is available in your local store. Rather, you will make a call for inquiries. There are quite a number of scenarios where customers prefer calling to navigating through a website. One advantage with call-only ads is that they are absolutely free. They also display only when the business is operating, which means that you won’t be charged for phone calls when there was no one available to answer your call.



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