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Website creation should be a must-have for any business that wants to attract more customers and increase their sales leads. It is, actually, more than a mere digital placeholder. So whether you use the website to sell your products or increase the number of subscribers, there are several strategies you should implement to generate more leads from the site. When it comes to online business, competition is always increasing, and at a very dramatic rate. It is therefore essential to ensure that you attract as many visitors as possible. Remember that drawing traffic to a website can be a costly move and if there are no website developments, you may end up leading the business to a financial crisis. But how can effective web design help increase your leads?

Create a micro landing page

Internet users are known to get bored quickly, and especially if you offer them a boring web design. This means that you will have very few seconds, less than five to be precise, to convince your visitors to spend more time on your website. Full page pop-ups characterize the micro landing pages and are generated according to what the user is looking for on the website. This includes users’ attempts’ to click off the website or reading through a block text. Micro landing pages that are well designed prove to increase conversion rates by more than 15%.


Add your phone number

Adding phones numbers to websites look a bit weird. However, most websites with no contact information are mostly assumed to be a scam. Adding phone numbers to your website will help boost the credibility of your company, and interested visitors will also have alternative means to contact you.


Add your location address

According to information issued by Google, 4 out of 5 customers find the local information with the aid of search engines. Half of the consumers who search for this information end up making an in-person visit to the business premises at the end of the day. Adding your business address to the website will help increase leads, boost your business credibility and drive sales.


Live online chat option

Live chats can come in handy when it comes to generating leads and driving sales. No matter the line of the industry you are focusing on and it gives businesses a chance to directly be in touch with a customer. Who may not be in a position to talk over the phone when they are held up in a meeting, public places and any other person who prefers typing to taking.


Add photos to testimonial pages

One effective way to attract more visitors to the website is through user testimonials. But this can only happen when users get the testimonials from real life clients. Adding photos at the page can help increase your leads and especially when visitors know that real-life people issued the reviews, and were not computer generated.


Use explainer videos

Most internet users expect to get the exact information they need, and as fast as possible. This is the reason why explainer videos are among the best strategies to help increase leads. This is especially when you are dealing with a sophisticated product/service.


Make it mobile friendly

The current technological innovation has brought about major changes in the Smartphone industry. The best part of it is that more people, above the age of 18 currently own smart phones compared to the past. About 20 % of these Smartphone owners use their devices to visit the internet. Making the site mobile friendly will help increase visitors leading to sales increase.

When it comes to increasing the business leads, there is no single approach you can follow to guarantee you the best results. But if the above simple tips are implemented, an underperforming site can be transformed into a powerful leads source driver for your business.