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Are you looking for new, creative ways to market your website?

We all know how challenging website promotion can be. Luckily, it does have to be this way. As a website owner, you are probably afraid of seeing beyond your nose. You can also be tied up in your daily work, having limited time to come up with, more creative ways to market your site. However, there are quite a number of rewarding ways you can use to improve your website traffic. Obviously, not all the strategies you implement will achieve the desired results overnight. This means that you need to be patience when implementing the strategies and be surprised on how easy it can be for you to have the desired amount of traffic in your website.


1. Write appealing content

When it comes to web marketing, content is always the king. Whatever content you come up with, ensure that it is desirable enough to earn you top Google ranks. For you to come up with the best content, you can analyze what past bloggers have written about the topic and have strategies to make your articles more unique and attractive. It is also important to bear your clients in mind and create something appealing and informative.


2. Check your competitors’ backlinks

Besides the content, websites also need to have the best backlinks to achieve the best results as far as SEO is concerned. For you to come up with competitive backlinks, you first need to analyze your competitors’ banklinks. It is, however, important to note that not all backlinks can be rewarding, and hence, not all of them should be replicated.

3. Become a guest blogger

If you ever thought that guest blogging has no future, stop. In fact, guest blogging is still very rewarding. Some of the thing you should bear in mind when guest blogging are

  • Include our social media contacts in the author bio section for readers to easily reach you
  • Only use do-follow backlinks
  • The guest posts should be no better than the articles you create for the website.

4. Build quality backlinks

One of the most effective ways to achieve traffic in your website is building more backlinks. This can be especially, an ultimate solution when you are handling a boring niche.


5. Write about trending topics

The web contents have higher chances of getting top ranks on Google when you deal with hot and trending topics. This is because such topics normally have less competition.

6. Share stories

You can also educate your readers on how to achieve positive results by sharing your experiences. Besides, ask customers if they would like to share their success stories.

7. Analyze existing traffic

You also need to analyze your traffic and find out the websites that bring in more visitors.

8. Use attractive headlines

When writing your article headlines, ensure to achieve creativity. But you also need to ensure that they are appealing to the reader. Creative headlines are also among the things factored in by Google to rank websites.

9. Use quality images

The best images play an important role in a website. Besides looking appealing to the visitors, it will also help your website get more backlinks. If you use unique images for your website, other people will obviously want to use the images in their sites, which means that your website will also be linked to another sites as the image source.

10. Make use of long term keywords

Even before writing your contents, you need to conduct keyword research and find out the phrases that people frequently search for in the internet. As much as it can take some time for you to get a top ranks, making use of long tail keywords can come in handy.